Scrappy Hour with jade from FoodShare: Pickle Your Leftovers!

 Scrappy Hour with jade from FoodShare: Pickle Your Leftovers! In the spirit of Urban Harvest, this workshop is going to be all about sharing tips and tricks for reducing our food waste. You will learn how to make quick refrigerator #pickles out of everyday leftovers (think scraps, stems, and...

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image of two cooking pots on top of a stove. one with boiling rice and the second with boiling evgetable - cabbage and greens,

Meal Prep Planning with Jade Guthrie from FoodShare

 Our second Black Creek Community Farm Cooking & Preservation Workshop is now online! We are featuring Meal Prep Planning with jade guthrie from @foodshareto who is showing you some helpful and quick meal prep ideas, as well as tips to streamline your meal prep process! This workshop took place on Wednesday, May 27th,...

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jade guthrie (woman) pictured, with a green food basket to her left, and many pre-cut vegetable to the right, ready to start cooking them. She holds in her hands an onion and a purple vegetable.

Pantry Provisions with Jade Guthrie from FoodShare

 These series of cooking and preservation workshops are focused on: cooking on a budget, using pantry items, what you have in the fridge, batch cooking, using vegetables from your garden, what is in season, cultural dishes and meals you can cook (now during the quarantine) and anytime! This is...

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