Black Creek Community Farm – Earth Day 2021: Community Compost with FoodShare
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Earth Day 2021: Community Compost with FoodShare

Earth Day 2021
(1 pm – 2 pm) Community Compost with FoodShare

Presenter: Alanzo Byfield, Community Compost Educator
Supported by: Orlando Gomez, Community Food Growing Senior Manager

FoodShare operates the largest mid-scale compost program in Toronto, located next to a two-acre urban farm at Burnhamthorpe Collegiate. Community members are instrumental in running the compost exchange program. Folks can bring their kitchen scraps to be added to the compost and in return are given vouchers they can use to purchase fresh produce grown at the farm.

Many of the folks participating in the compost exchange program live in apartment buildings without compost programs. In 2019, 100 families participated in the compost program and 56,088 lbs of food waste diverted from landfill.

Learn more about composting and turn your kitchen scraps and garden waste into rich organic compost for your vegetables. FoodShare’s Composting Program is supported by the City of Toronto’s Community Reduce and Reuse Programs. To know more, contact Alanzo Byfield, Community Compost Educator,

Contact information for Community Compost – FoodShare: Alanzo Byfield:  and Orlando Gomez:

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