Free Gardening Resources

The free resources below are from past gardening workshops at BCCF and by the Black Creek Garden Resource Network. You will find fact sheets and presentations to guide you from spring preparations to fall harvests, as well as workshop recordings to watch at your convenience. Happy learning and gardening!

What is the Black Creek Garden Resource Network?

Our mission

We will equip Jane and Finch residents with hands-on knowledge and resource sharing, to become local growers through workshops, tools, and accessible information to grow in a variety of home environments.

Our vision 

To create an active and accessible network in the Black Creek community to develop resources and skill-sharing about healthy gardening practices.


Mushrooms workshop:

Lichen workshop:

Slime molds workshop: 

Gathering Moss group discussion:

Pollinator Garden workshop: 

Edible plants of Ontario workshop:

Herb Drying workshop:  

Starting Your Garden – Seeds and Seedlings 

Garden Planning

Container Gardening

Soil Health – Getting Ready to Plant

Garden Bed Preparation

Planting Instructions for Crops A to Z

Tips for Healthy Plants

Pests and Diseases

Summer and Fall Garden Trips

Succession Planting

Autumn Garden Tasks & Preparing for Winter

Thank you to all of our educational partners for their permission to share these resources.  Please check back in the future for updates on educational opportunities at the farm.