We have a few community garden plots available for rent by community members and organizational partners. Priority is given to Black, Indigenous, and people of colour living in the Jane and Finch/Black Creek neighbourhood, and to those without access to other growing space.  There are 16 individual/household plots measuring 16 feet by 10 feet and three organizational plots measuring 25 feet by 14 feet.  A good rule of thumb is that a garden plot will require weekly visits between June and October to keep on top of watering, weeding, harvesting, etc., so please anticipate this time commitment before applying.


If you are an individual or household interested in a garden plot, please fill out this form.  The rental fee for the plot is $25 annually, or you can volunteer for four hours instead.  Note that we currently have a waitlist and that by emailing you will be put on that waitlist for follow-up when an opening is available.


If you are an organization that would like to rent one of the organizational plots for your group, please fill out this form.  Please also provide some background information on your group and a link to your website, if applicable.  Priority will be given to organizations that are led or composed of Black, Indigenous, or people of colour from the Jane and Finch / Black Creek neighbourhood, or that we feel are a good fit with BCCF’s mission and vision.  As an organizational member, you will be expected to either involve the entire group in gardening or share the harvest amongst your group in the event that a smaller subset of the group does the actual gardening.   Rental fee is $50 annually, but this can be negotiated, and volunteering in lieu of the fee is an option.