Urban Harvest is an urban food initiative that aims to harvest and redistribute surplus produce found right in our own backyards to reduce food waste. This initiative is one of the five Community Reduce and Reuse Programs, part of the City of Toronto’s Long Term Waste Management Strategy.

Urban Harvest Black Creek is a City of Toronto project in partnership with the Black Creek Community Farm and supported by FoodShare Toronto. The project is organizing and training local young people and adults to go out into the neighborhood to talk about the Urban Harvest program as a platform for residents and community gardeners to share their surplus produce to the community.  The aim is then to redistribute these fruits and vegetables to local food banks, children and youth programs, seniors, and local community programming. We will also be facilitating workshops on canning and preserving to partner organizations in our community.



How does the program work?

We go out to the neighbourhood to canvass the homes in the Black Creek community to start a conversation with homeowners to see if they want to participate in the program and to gauge the type of fruits and vegetables they grow. We sign them up to the program and follow up with them when the harvest is ready to pick up with our cargo bikes, and then deliver to food banks.


How can I get involved with the Urban Harvest Black Creek program?

There are many ways to get involved:

Share your surplus!

If you are a homeowner with surplus produce and you would like to donate, contact us at urbanharvest@blackcreekfarm.ca or call 416-393-6381 x 100. 



Volunteer with us! 

We are looking for friendly volunteers from the community who would like to join us to canvass and pick up and deliver produce, using our cargo bikes, in the Black Creek neighborhood.  If you’re interested, read more and sign up for the Urban Harvest Volunteer Assignment here.


Participate in our Community Leaders Food Preservation Training 

– Applications for the 2019 training are now closed – 

Fifteen Community Leaders were selected to avail this Train the Trainer Training in canning and preservation to acquire skills to facilitate preservation workshops for the community. 


Attend a Preservation Workshop

We will be offering workshop opportunities throughout September to December 2019. Dates are to be scheduled. To receive notifications about the scheduled workshops when confirmed, please sign up this Preservation Workshops Expression of Interest Form.



Contact Us

For more information contact the Urban Harvest Black Creek Team at urbanharvest@blackcreekfarm.ca or call 416-393-6381 x 100.