Black Creek Community Farm – BCCF is getting hot…Fiery Hot!
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BCCF is getting hot…Fiery Hot!

Kasyndra and Bashir as the Value-Add team at Black Creek Community Farm focuses on utilizing the organic produce that the farm has been growing in creating a line of delicious shelf-stable products. The Autumn Equinox is traditionally a time for wisdom and celebrating our connection with the Earth. There is no better way to showcase the changes from Summer to Autumn than with our new line of preserves. The Fiery Hot Sauce, an umami forward Garlic Scape Chili Oil condiment and a food waste reduction of pickled zucchini stems. Most anticipated for a second-year run, Harvest Heat hot pepper sauce goes a long way with its sweet carrot notes and bright summer scotch bonnet pepper flavours. The Chili Oil is a crunchy flavorful condiment for meats, sauces, vegetables, and more. Savoury garlic scapes and spicy chillies take this umami bomb topping. The vinegared zucchini stems are food waste reclamation at its tastiest. With classic pickle flavours like wild dill flower and coriander seed, the brand-new delightful flavour and crisp texture of the zucchini stem will give life to salads, sausages, and sandwiches and you can even use the brine as a marinade. You could even mix the Garlic Scape Oil with the Zucchini stem brine for an out-of-this-world salad dressing. Stay tuned for more updates on the Value Add Teams production this season.

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