Black Creek Community Farm – An update from the farm team: Potting up seedlings, soil improvement, and Pink Bumble Bee tomatoes
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An update from the farm team: Potting up seedlings, soil improvement, and Pink Bumble Bee tomatoes

Hello Black Creek Community and Harvest Share Members!

The last month has been a busy one for the farm team.  We have finally moved from the planning stage to the “doing” stage, with exciting things happening on the ground to prepare for planting season! Here are some highlights:

We’ve been helping our seedling grower, Carl Leslie of Crooked Cucumber Family Farm, “pot up” lots of healthy tomato plants.  These are scheduled to be planted in the soil in a couple of weeks! Remember those delicious orange cherry tomatoes last season? We’ll have lots of those again this year.

Oats and peas cover crop ready to be worked into the soil.

A major focus for us this year is continual soil improvement, to make sure it is fertile and has the right balance of micro- and macro-nutrients.  All these things are standard principles of organic agriculture so we can grow healthy, pest and disease resilient plants. Here are some oats and peas grown to improve our soil quality! These got mowed, incorporated into our soil, and the greenhouse got prepped for planting! Look at these lovely beds ready for our seedlings.

Freshly prepped greenhouse beds.

We are excited for this season 🙂 We have approximately 30 crops in our crop plan and many, many different varieties selected for various climate conditions as well as for flavour.  If you’d like to taste a delicious full season of vegetables straight from the farm, our Harvest Share program has bi-weekly and weekly subscription options, AND sliding scale pricing to make it accessible for you. Here is one of the varieties we are growing this season ‘Pink Bumble Bee’! Just the name and description make me excited!

‘Pink Bumble Bee’ cherry tomatoes are described as having “excellent sweet flavor”!

Look forward to growing for you this season.

Your farmers,

Amy and Connor

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