Our 2018 Harvest Share program has is now closed for the season. Registration for 2019 will begin in the new year.


Black Creek Community Farm (BCCF)’s Harvest Share Program is a vegetable subscription program. Also known as a CSA (community shared agriculture) program. Members pay for a full season of farm grown produce in advance and come to the farm every week to pick up their “share” of the harvest, from June to November. Bi-weekly option is also available.


• June to November (24 weeks total)

• On-farm pick up on Thursdays, 3 to 7 pm

Weekly membership (24 weeks – pick up every week) or *new* bi-weekly membership (12 weeks – pick up every other week)

8 to 10 items each week – weekly selection is diverse, Ontario-seasonal produce, and pre-determined by the farm

• All produce is organically grown at Black Creek Community Farm

Sliding scale pricing available

Pay in full or in instalments



We offer several sliding scale pricing options in order to accommodate different income levels. It is our priority to make our program as accessible as possible. You choose the price that works for you.

Every member gets the same amount and quality of vegetables every week, regardless of the price you pay.

Weekly members Bi-weekly members
Regular Price $600 $300
Low Income Prices $500 or $550 $250 or $275
Premium Prices $650 or $700 $325 or $350

Regular Price: Based on actual value of each weeks share, worth $25 of produce each week

Low Income Sliding Scale Price: Based on honour system, we do not ask for proof of household income

Premium Sliding Scale Price: This is an option for members who want to pay a bit extra to help a lower income family join the program

Payment Method:

You can pay in full or in equal instalments. If you want to pay in instalments the schedule is as follows:

Weekly members Bi-weekly members
At Time of Registration 1st instalment due 1st instalment due
August 2 2nd instalment due n/a
September 13 3rd instalment due 2nd instalment due
October 25 4th instalment due n/a



• In-field and greenhouse production

• 30 different seasonal vegetables

• Western, Asian, & Caribbean varieties

• 100% organically grown

• Fresh weekly harvest

• See our calendar below for what we plan to have available each month. All produce is grown at BCCF.

This is what a typical weekly share looks like!:

Why should I join?

Know your farmers, know your food

Support your neighbourhood organic farm and farmers. Our site is always open for drop in visits – connect with your farmers and learn where and how your food is grown.


You will be getting your produce within 24 to 48 hours from the time of harvest. This ensures optimal freshness, nutrition, and flavour.


All produce is grown using organic best practices. We focus on building healthy soils in order to have healthy plants and food.


Get diverse varieties that you may not find in grocery stores.

Support urban agriculture. Urban farms preserve valuable urban green space, protect and build local soils, provides opportunities for food-growing training and jobs in the city, and makes farm-based education accessible to city residents (multiple TTC bus stops and subway stations are just steps from our farm gate).

Environmental values:

Avoid chemical and reduce transportation emissions.


Become a part of our BCCF community and attend year round farm events.

Social justice values:

Support a unique, local, community project focused on food security and food justice.


I have never joined a CSA program before, what are its benefits?
For farmers, CSAs help by providing advance payments and a steady market for their produce. Advance payments help farmers make early season investments and a steady market allows farmers to plan their growing more effectively. For eaters, CSAs give members the chance to directly connect with farmers and learn where and how their food is grown.

In a CSA, some of the risks of farming (weather, pests, disease) are shared between the farmer and the eater. A challenging season may mean a slight decrease in the produce volume or produce may be purchased-in to ensure members receive full value. But farmers design their crop plan to manage these risks, and more often than not, eaters will receive produce value that is slightly above the price of their share. No matter the ups and downs of each season, eaters can be guaranteed that they have a direct link to their food, farm, and farmers – a relationship that is not possible when shopping at a regular supermarket.

When is the exact start date?
Planting and harvest dates are affected by the weather, so we will contact all members as we approach June to confirm the exact date of the first pick up.  But you can plan for the 1st week to commence between late June to early July.

How much will the vegetable selection vary from week to week? Will I get the same things every week?
Our crop plan is designed to ensure a diverse range of vegetables from week to week. However, because everything is seasonal and grown on the farm, there may be a few staple items repeated each week when it is peak season for certain crops (eg: salad mix, or tomatoes). But you can be certain that every week will be a unique, different, and delicious combination of root crops, leafy greens, and fruiting crops!

What if there is a week when I cannot pick up at the farm?
If members let us know in advance, we can package and put your share aside for you.  We will keep your share in cold storage for you to pick up, up to Saturday 2pm each week.

Do you buy in produce from other farms?
All produce in the harvest share will be grown on the farm.  The only exception is if there is a major crop loss due to weather, pest or disease.  Should this need arise, only organic produce will be purchased in, and the specific vegetable and its source will be clearly indicated with signage during the weekly pick up.