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Harvest Share CSA Membership

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Black Creek Community Farm’s Harvest Share Program is a vegetable subscription program. Members pay in advance for a full season of farm-grown produce, and they come to the farm every week OR every other week to pick up their “share” of the harvest. This program model is known as a CSA, which stands for Community-Supported Agriculture. Learn more about CSAs here.

By committing to farm-fresh vegetables, you are ensuring a nutrient-packed seasonal diet for yourself and your loved ones! Our members report consuming more vegetables after joining our program and they look forward to connecting with our growers each week during the pick-up.

Read more about the Harvest Share here, including pick-Up locations, produce availability, start and end date, weekly or bi-weekly, etc.


We offer sliding scale pricing for our membership options. Every member gets the same amount and quality of vegetables every week, regardless of the price you pay.* For those who choose our “supporter” price option, you are helping to make our sliding scale model possible.

Annual Membership Price
Bi-weekly Pick-Up

Total: 12 weeks

Weekly Pick-Up

Total: 24 weeks



Accessible Price $276 $552 $23
Regular Price $360 $720 $30
Supporter Price $444 $888 $37

*The total value of each week’s produce selection is ~$30. If there is a week when we do not meet this value (i.e: crop loss due to weather, pests, or disease), extra produce will be given in subsequent weeks to ensure that you receive your annual membership value.


The price listed here is $0.00 because we do not want you to purchase through this "Store" page. Instead, please go to this Harvest Share registration page, and fill out the form which will offer you all the options we have available. You will be given the option to pay online, in instalments, by cheque or cash.

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