Black Creek Community Farm – Pamela Phan

Pamela Phan

Pamela Phan is a lifelong resident and community worker in the Jane-Finch community. She is passionate about food and climate justice, anti-poverty, and community-building based on care. She holds a Master of Arts in Political Science from York University where her research focused on the role of technology in social movements organizing around abolition and decolonization. Currently, she works in advocacy and community engagement at North York Harvest Food Bank, where her frontline work goes hand in hand with policy and strategy development. Her commitment to anti-poverty and community care is deepened through her connections from past work and volunteer experience at the Society for the Living Nuneyi Community Farm and the Hub Organizing Committee for the Jane-Finch Community Hub and Centre for the Arts. As a proud graduate from Sundance Harvest Farm School as well as Yellowhead Institute Radical Policy School, she is excited to serve as a Steering Committee member for the Black Creek Community Farm to support efforts in food justice advocacy and coalition building. In her everyday life, you can usually see her biking around the neighborhood or with a book listening to music at local parks or the ravine.