Black Creek Community Farm – Nadia Mirdha

Nadia Mirdha

Living in the city all my life, I have always been surrounded by multiculturalism, leaving me with an appreciation for diversity. I grew up understanding the importance of community involvement. I was introduced to agriculture early on as a child, and having my own family now, I try to continue this tradition by growing my own vegetables at home during the summer months. I also love traveling and being surrounded by nature is where I feel most comfortable.

I have always known that helping people is where I want to devote my career. My education and extensive experience as a frontline worker in mental health and research over a decade, has made me realize how a lack of basic human rights such as food insecurity can lead to lifelong adversities. Eating locally fresh food is a priority to me but having access to affordable and equitable food is a challenge we are all facing. 

As the Development Manager, I am excited to learn and create new ways for families to get involved and enjoy their experience at the farm. And I’m looking most forward to connecting with the community and giving back through good and impactful work.