Black Creek Community Farm – Ernest Barnie

Ernest Barnie

My name is Ernest Barnie. I am a Registered Social Service worker, currently serving as a Case Manager (Job Retention Specialist) at the YMCA for nearly two years. I graduated from the Social Service Worker program at Seneca College, where I had the opportunity to complete my internship at the Spot Youth Centre for nearly a year. With a fervent passion for advocacy, I am actively involved in the Jane Finch Action Against Poverty group, where I contribute to various advocacy efforts.I participated in discussions and panels advocating for the $15 and fairness campaign to improve the minimum wage. I consistently engage in conversations aimed at making a difference in marginalized and minority communities. Moreover, I am deeply passionate about mental health discussions and actively seek solutions in this area. As the founder of the Mental Health and You Foundation, I am dedicated to normalizing conversations surrounding mental health.