Black Creek Community Farm – Cara McArthur

Cara McArthur

My name is Cara McArthur. I am a community advocate, public speaker, educator, and community engagement specialist who is passionate about working with historically underserved populations. The focus of my work to date includes urban agriculture, public speaking, community development and advocacy via Anti-Oppressive frameworks, workshop facilitation, program management, and DEI consulting.

Prior to the pandemic, my work was centered around education outreach, workshop facilitation, and public speaking. I have successfully helped organizations with developing educational workshops, community engagement strategies, reconciliation policies as well as community mapping frameworks by fostering participatory reciprocal relationships with the community. Additionally, I have over six years of experience in program design and coordination with nine years of experience overseeing program delivery in a coordinated manner; from a lens that is rooted in a deep understanding of the systemic barriers that impact the equity outcomes of Black and Indigenous Peoples, as well as over ten years of experience in community advocacy and advisory work.

I have had the pleasure of advising and assisting in the development of community engagement strategies with the following organizations: Dillon Consulting, Our Plan To, Create To, City of Toronto Indigenous Affairs office, Native Women’s Association of Canada, Sephora, Canadian Tire, T1 Agency, Green Thumbs Growing kids and North York Arts.