Black Creek Community Farm – Stretching his creative capabilities on a farm: Joshua’s experience as a BCCF Placement Student
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Stretching his creative capabilities on a farm: Joshua’s experience as a BCCF Placement Student

Hello, my name is Joshua and I was a student completing student placement requirements with Black Creek Community Farm (BCCF). Prior to my time at BCCF, I had no knowledge of the existence of the farm and had heard about the farm through school and the potential opportunities I would receive working with them. I learned about the farm’s values and core objectives in which they wish to achieve to fortify and positively impact impoverished communities. Therefore, I decided to work with BCCF and took this opportunity hoping to acquire new-found knowledge and skills that I may not have had before. 

Before I started working at Black Creek Community Farm, with my previous experience working in a grocery store I was always fascinated with the system revolving food production and food maintenance. I wanted to learn about the system and science behind crop production, soil cultivation and food maintenance as well as the business and finance side of farming. Additionally, after hearing about the efforts BCCF makes in improving struggling communities in need of food security, it only increased my desire to work with them as it aligned with my personal values.

During my time at Black Creek Community Farm, I had joined the market garden team whose purpose and role on the farm was to maintain food production, maintenance and record keeping. On the farm, I participated in food production by seed planting, watering, root extraction and compost bedding as well as harvesting. I also acquired skills in other areas such as table construction, woodwork and tarping. Moreover, being  part of the market garden team also meant that I had to engage in virtual work as well through social media, learning to design and express my creativity to produce content for the farm through virtual programming and editing software. 

Furthermore, my time at BCCF allowed me to improve my writing capabilities by writing reviews, newsletters and record keeping documentation. I also got the opportunity to stretch my creative capabilities by composing a script/outline for future projects involving film and BCCF. However, even though I enjoyed my time and developed new skills while working at the farm, that is not to say I did not encounter some challenges. These challenges include commuting at the farm, working outdoors with unpleasant weather conditions and completing new physical tasks that were not as easy as it may have seemed. In spite of those challenges, I believed I properly contributed to the farm by providing assistance in areas I was needed, leaving a positive impact with my team. Therefore, after my time at BCCF, I can say that I left the farm content knowing that I helped them achieve their goals in addition to my positive experience working there. I developed and improved my social skills and teamwork capabilities. I was working in an environment with kind and hard working farm members that ensured that their workers and volunteers operated in a safe and welcoming environment. 

I also would like to personally thank market garden team members Susan, Rachael and Connor who not only work hard to make the Market Garden team operate effectively, but they also made my experience as easy going and positive as they could. Working with them taught me patience as they exercised their patience and positive behavior while working with me. Therefore, I am leaving the farm knowing I built good relationships and provided me with lasting memories which tells me that it won’t be the last time they see me.

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