Black Creek Community Farm – Meet Our Market Garden Trainee: Jesus Simpson
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Meet Our Market Garden Trainee: Jesus Simpson

Hello, my name is Jesus Simpson. I’m a senior at CW Jeffreys High School and am currently enrolled in my co-op at BCCF as a Market Garden Trainee. 

I’m your typical teenager. but one thing separates me from the other teenagers I was born with a green thumb and an innate curiosity for the wonders of nature. I found my passion in gardening in grade 6. Growing up in the vibrant landscapes of Jamaica, I was privileged to experience the unique rhythm of farm life that shaped my early years. Nestled in the heart of this tropical paradise, my family’s farm became more than just a plot of land; it was a classroom, a playground, and a sanctuary that fostered a deep connection to nature.

I was introduced to the farming lifestyle by my father and grandmother, my grandmother owned a little farm in the country and we would go down there every Friday to garden, and check on the chickens and other animals. I was mostly in charge of feeding the pigs cleaning them and making sure the goats didn’t go past the fence. My hobbies are gaming, listening to music, and dancing with my brother, sometimes I’ll even try to write a song but they never turn out well.

As a Market Garden trainee at Black Creek Community Farm, I would harvest, plant, and clean vegetables. I am eager to deepen my understanding of composting during my time at the farm. I am particularly interested in learning the steps of creating nutrient-rich compost, understanding the ideal balance of green and brown materials, and mastering the composting process from start to finish. 

Exploring the various composting methods, including hot and cold composting, as well as the benefits of compost in enhancing soil fertility, is a key focus of my learning goals. I was able to gain hands-on experience in managing compost systems and integrating sustainable practices to contribute positively to soil health and overall farm sustainability.


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