Black Creek Community Farm – Meet our Market Garden Trainee: Serena Luu
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Meet our Market Garden Trainee: Serena Luu

Hello, my name is Serena Luu and I am a grade 12 placement student from C.W Jefferys Collegiate Institute. My role in Black Creek Community Farm is a Market Garden Trainee. What I do as a trainee is i would harvest, plant and clean vegetables. I also worked on the market stand every Thursday, such as talking to customers, bringing out the vegetables for them and cleaning the vegetables in the washing station. 

My connection to the farm was when I started to have interest in farming or gardening from my father’s lifestyle. I always heard that my dad grew up working in the farm since he was a child, and it got me interested in farming because I wanted to understand my dad’s point of view. 

What I have been doing during my time there was helping and working with the market garden team. Working with them was such an amazing experience because I get to work outside of school and learn from them such as learning to use tools for weeding, harvesting, and many things that they have taught me.

My hobbies and interests are drawing, and maybe painting too. Favourite things to draw are human and animal portraits, meaningful illustrations of people, places, fantasy or idealistic arts. What I like to bring to the farm with my art skills are my illustrations of veggies, animals or landscapes of the farm!

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