Black Creek Community Farm – Farm Park Land Stewardship Program
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Farm Park Land Stewardship Program

Are you eager to transform a patch of land into a thriving ecosystem that nourishes both you, your community, and the wildlife in your community? Are you tired of witnessing the constant destruction of our natural systems, and the displacement of people and wildlife? So are we. At Black Creek Community Farm we’re starting a Land Stewardship program aimed at empowering our community to take action in the fight against climate catastrophe. 

We recognize the importance of learning from the wisdom held by Indigenous and diasporic knowledge keepers. We believe that by adopting a kincentric approach to land-based relationships, we can cultivate increased biodiversity and climate resilience in our natural spaces and local food systems. Through our program, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from experienced instructors and gain a deeper understanding of these practices and principles, enabling you to live in harmony with the land and the natural systems that sustain us all.

Stay tuned for this upcoming program. Whether you’re interested in climate resilience, food justice, or simply cultivating a more harmonious relationship with the land, our program has something to offer. By joining, you’ll gain the skills, knowledge, and community support you need to start on the path toward responsible land stewardship that honors the knowledge of the past while preparing for the challenges of the future. 

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