Black Creek Community Farm – Harvest Share Sneak Peek: “Carmen” Italian Sweet Peppers
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Harvest Share Sneak Peek: “Carmen” Italian Sweet Peppers

One final Sneak Peek on our first Harvest Share pickup day of 2018! “Carmen” Sweet Peppers.

Peppers are native to the Americas and were introduced to Europe during the Columbian Exchange.  Their spicy flavour led them to be confusingly given the same name as the spice, even though they are from completely different plants (black pepper comes from a flowering vine in the family Piperaceae).  However, peppers do contribute to two other common spices: chili powder uses dried hot peppers, and paprika uses dried sweet peppers. Sweet peppers are the only species of pepper that does not produce capsaicin, the substance that brings on a burning sensation. This year in our greenhouse we will be planting both sweet peppers and hot peppers.

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