Stay tuned for 2018 volunteer opportunities, we are currently planning the volunteer calendar and schedules.  If you are interested in volunteering please fill out this form: BCCF Volunteer Application Form.  We will add your email to our volunteer mailing list and you will receive updates on the 2018 volunteer program. 

Examples of volunteer categories and activities that we are planning and have hosted in the past include:

  • Market Garden (planting, weeding, harvesting, marketing), 
  • Farm Park (Food Forest and trails, pollinator gardens, mushroom garden, and compost), 
  • Events (set-up, take-down, registration, tabling, food preparation),
  • Kids programs (children’s garden, PA day camp, summer camp, field trips)
  • Admin (grant writing, event planning, outreach)

Want to learn more? Read about what to expect when volunteering at BCCF here.

Want to get in touch? Contact us at or (416) 393-6381.

There are two ways to volunteer at BCCF:

1. Become a regular volunteer: 

Join a volunteer team and make a commitment to a consistent volunteer shift. 

Regular volunteers are asked to make a commitment of at least 3-4 hours per week for a minimum of 6 weeks. To apply for the volunteer positions below, please email  



Regular volunteer opportunities:

  • Coming soon.


2. Become an occasional volunteer:

Participate in special events or work bees without a weekly commitment. 

See the volunteer calendar for all available opportunities. 



Upcoming work bees and events:

Help out at Maple Syrup Day on Saturday, March 24th! Click here for details on how you can get involved.

Please click here for a full list of upcoming opportunities.

Please send an email to the volunteer coordinator at if you are able to help out at one of our upcoming events or work bees.