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To serve and enrich our community through a thriving farm, healthy food, hands-on training and learning experiences.

To inspire the next generation by providing leadership in food justice, and supporting diverse natural and social ecosystems.



An urban agricultural centre that engages, educates, and empowers diverse communities, through sustainable food.


Black Creek Community Farm (BCCF) founded by Everdale Environmental Learning Centre, Food Share and African Food Basket has operated as a start-up focused on improving food security, reducing social isolation, and improving employment and education outcomes, since its inception in 2012. Key stakeholders and partnerships are Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, the current landholder for the site and partner in land stewardship and educational programming; FoodShare, a core project partner supporting educational initiatives, programming and promotions; the Jane Finch Community and Family Centre supporting outreach and program offering; and Toronto Beekeepers Cooperative, a supporter of beekeeping on site and education around pollinator habitat.

We are located at : 4929 Jane St. Toronto, ON

About The Farm

The BCCF is situated on a truly unique eight-acre property that includes pristine farmland, a heritage farmhouse and barn, and a surrounding forest that extends down into the Black Creek ravine. All of this is located within easy walking distance of eight schools and thousands of local residents in one of the most densely populated neighbourhoods in Canada’s largest city.

The site houses certified organic vegetable fields, a forest trail and food forest, 4-season greenhouses, an outdoor classroom, pavilion and bake oven, as well as a mushroom garden, chickens and beehives. Restoration and conservation activities is in progress to affect roughly 15,000 square metre u-shaped woodland which surrounds the farm fields on the west side along a Toronto street (Jane St), along the south end bordering a vibrant community housing development, and up the east side at the top of a ravine which descends to the Black Creek and separates BCCF from the Black Creek Pioneer Village and York University. The western and southern portions of the woodland are home to our Food Forest that includes edible perennials and companion species; while the eastern section is being restored with the addition of species native to Ontario to support pollinators and other wildlife. The woodland space includes established trees including sugar maple, red pine, birch, oak, and decades old cherry crab apple, apple and ash trees. Lastly, this unique portion of urban forest also include a variety of landscapes and natural vegetation including both deciduous and evergreen forest, grassy meadows and low lying wet areas dominated by plants such as dogwood, and a ravine ecosystem that runs along the Black Creek.

We welcome your support and involvement.