Black Creek Community Farm – Rachael Chong

Rachael Chong

Our Farm Manager Rachael is keen to bring her knowledge and experiences from her work as a market gardener at The Working Centre in Kitchener. Building relationships with people and nature are important to her. Doing hands-on work alongside others, as well as sharing and respecting diverse foodways are critical to this.

As a child, her grandmother affectionately called her a gian tiak (颈赤, literally ‘throat-ache’ – gluttonous) girl. And that is pretty accurate to how much she loves food to this day. She loves growing, cooking and eating food and is passionate about sharing these joys with others. As she puts her head on the pillow at night, she soothes herself by thinking about what she ate that day, and tries not to think too much about what to cook the next day because it’s really too exciting and she won’t be able to sleep.

Be sure to say hi to Rachael out on the fields when you visit the farm!