We’ve partnered with Lyft to offer $2.50 flat fare shared rides to and from Black Creek Community Farm and two nearby grocery stores.

Apply to become one of 50 households selected to participate in the pilot program!

Sign Up

Please send an email with your name, phone number and postal code to bookings@blackcreekfarm.ca to sign up for the pilot.


  • • The pilot program will serve residents of the Jane and Finch/Black Creek/York University Heights neighbourhoods
  • • Each household will be offered 50 codes to be used to/from select grocery stores and Black Creek Community Farm
  • • The flat fare per ride will be $2.50 (up to a max per ride value of $15)
  • • Will be Lyft Shared rides


Participating grocery locations:

  • • Black Creek Farm (Jane & Steeles)
  • • Durante’s No Frills (Jane & Finch)
  • • FreshCo (Jane & Finch)



For residents who live in Toronto’s inner suburbs and Priority Neighbourhoods, access
to good quality and affordable food has been a growing challenge. Within the York University Heights region, only 3 major grocery stores, in addition to Black Creek Community Farm, exist to serve all nearby communities.

Approximately 49% of Toronto’s population lives outside of areas of the city that are within 1km of a major grocery store. In addition, there is a lack of grocery stores in many of the lowest income census tracts, which do not fall within the designated priority neighbourhoods. Residents in these areas often have to travel further to access a full-service grocery store, making it difficult, time consuming, and costly to access without a car, and often squeezes a household’s already limited budget.

Buses run infrequently and many residents live at least 1 KM away from the nearest subway station. While ridesharing is a more efficient and convenient alternative, specifically when grocery shopping, costs can run prohibitively high to the nearest grocery store. (~$8-10 for a Lyft Shared ride one way).

Through the Lyft Grocery Access Program, and with support from implementation partner Black Creek Community Farm, Lyft will offer $2.50 Shared rides to and from grocery stores for families in need (50 families as a pilot).

The objective is to:
1. Reduce the time and financial burden caused by commuting to grocery stores
2. Empower families with more choice in where they buy groceries
3. Compile key learnings and identify sustainable funding sources to scale and reach more
neighbourhoods in Toronto and beyond

Contact Us

Please email bookings@blackcreekfarm.ca if you have any questions.