Update (Dec 15, 2021): The Harvest Share program has ended for the year. The program details for next year will likely be similar to what is outlined below. If you are interested in joining next year please fill out this form and we may contact you in late winter to sign up. Due to high demand, we may not contact all those interested, since we prioritize our past members. However, putting your name on the waiting list will put you in a priority sequence to register should there be an opening.

What is Harvest Share?

Black Creek Community Farm’s Harvest Share Program is a vegetable subscription program. Members pay in advance for a full season of farm-grown produce, and they come to the farm every week OR every other week to pick up their “share” of the harvest. This program model is known as a CSA, which stands for Community-Supported Agriculture. Learn more about CSAs here.

By committing to farm-fresh vegetables, you are ensuring a nutrient-packed seasonal diet for yourself and your loved ones! Our members report consuming more vegetables after joining our program and they look forward to connecting with our growers each week during the pick-up.


2021 Program Overview

June to November:

  • The first pick-up is scheduled for early to mid June, depending on spring weather and growing conditions. Closer to June, we will contact all members to confirm the exact start date.

Weekly or bi-weekly membership:

  • Weekly (22 weeks – pick up every week)
  • Bi-weekly (11 weeks – pick up every other week)

8 to 10 items each week (see examples of our weekly shares below):

  • A different combination of seasonal vegetables each week, selected by the farm
  • All produce is certified organic and grown at BCCF
  • An approximate list of vegetable items in the share will be emailed the day before, along with a weekly recipe
  • In addition to their share items members will be free to pick their own herbs and cut flowers from a designated area in the field, no charge
  • Members will be allowed to pick their own raspberries and apples, when in season and according to quantities available, for a set fee per volume container
  • Members will receive a 10% discount on any value-added products for sale

On-farm pick-up: 

  • Thursdays, 2 to 7 pm (we’ve expanded the pick-up window slightly to make it more convenient for members hoping to avoid traffic).  If you don’t pick up on Thursday, we will pre-pack your bag and hold it in our cooler until Saturday at noon, after which, if you have not picked it up, we will set it aside for donation to a local food bank.
  • 4929 Jane Street, Toronto
  • COVID-19 update: This season we will request that all customers wash or sanitize their hands upon entering the farm (at our hand-washing station), wear a face mask, and practice social distancing while picking up.  We will also be pre-packing the bags, at least for now, in order to facilitiate a quicker pickup and dropoff.  We may be able to move to a customer-pack model and offer more opportunities to trade items, as the season progresses, and we update our site safety protocols in response to the pandemic.

Sliding scale pricing:  

  • See our “Pricing” section below for more details.
  • Installment payment option available






We offer sliding scale pricing for our membership options.  Every member gets the same amount and quality of vegetables every week, regardless of the price you pay.* For those who choose our “supporter” price option, you are helping to make our sliding scale model possible.

Annual Membership Price
Bi-weekly Pick-Up

Total: 11 weeks

Weekly Pick-Up

Total: 22 weeks



Accessible Price $220 $440 $20
Regular Price $297 $594 $27
Supporter Price $374 $748 $34

*The total value of each week’s produce selection is ~$27. If there is a week when we do not meet this value (i.e: crop loss due to weather, pests, or disease), extra produce will be given in subsequent weeks to ensure that you receive your annual membership value.



Payment Options

You can pay in full or in two equal installments. Your full payment or first installment is due at the time of registration.  We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Online credit card payment through our registration form
  • Cheque payment by mail or at the farm
  • Cash payment at the farm
Payment Schedule*
Registration Full payment or 1st installment is due
August 1 2nd installment is due

*In our commitment to accessibility, if you need additional payment accommodations, please contact us at produce@blackcreekfarm.ca.