Emergency Food Box Program – Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is the food box program still running?

A: As a non-profit organization, the Emergency Food Box program operates on the grassroots donations and grant funding from many organizations and individuals. Along with that, the program operates on an on-and-off basis dependent on funding.


Q: How do we sign up for the program?

A: Our Emergency Food Box program is currently at capacity. However, we have a wait-list form if you would like to be updated when a spot becomes available. 


Q: What comes inside the food box?

A: Inside the food box, you’ll receive fruits and vegetables supplied by Foodshare Toronto. 


Q : Why am I not receiving food boxes more consistently / on a regular basis?

A : Due to limited funding, we are distributing food boxes when we secure sufficient funding to deliver food boxes to our existing list of participants. Additionally, our existing list includes 3000 households which may not allow for consistent distribution for the same household. We request you remain patient and contact us for further support at info@blackcreekfarm.ca 


Q: Are there gift cards available? 

A: We currently have a small amount of gift cards available. Please inquire at info@blackcreekfarm.ca


Q: Where are the delivery zones for your Emergency Food Box program?

A: The delivery zone sits within Northwest Toronto, specifically the Jane and Finch neighbourhood and surrounding area.


Q: How are participants selected for the Emergency Food Box program?

A: Primarily, we are prioritizing residents of the Jane-Finch community who are experiencing food insecurity and seeking support. Our selection criteria is based on need and we welcome anyone who is seeking support during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Q: How do I update my address if I relocated? 

A: Our priority is to serve Jane-Finch residents. If you relocated outside of the delivery zone, we are not able to distribute food boxes to you. However, if you are still within our delivery zone, please fill out this relocation form with your updated address information.


Q: How do I unsubscribe from the program?

A: Please fill out our unsubscribe form if you no longer wish to receive the food box.