Switch off. Get outside. Get Active. Reconnect to nature.

This June, turn off your devices for a few hours and head outside to reconnect with the Earth, your body, and each other. 


WHAT is the #BlackCreekBlackout campaign?

This June, commit to switching off your electronic devices for just a few hours to swap screen time for some time spent outdoors. Go for a walk in the forest, have a picnic at the farm, or simply get outside to play with your kids. Help us get more kids outdoors to get active and experience nature. Join the #BlackCreekBlackout! 



June 1 to June 30


WHY participate?

Too much screen time ?has negative impacts on kids’ development and their physical and mental health. Higher screen time has been linked to:
  • • Poor brain development, language development and attention skills.
  • • Poor physical fitness, unhealthy weights and increased risks for heart disease, elevated blood pressure and cholesterol, and poor insulin regulation.
  • • Behavioural issues, poor self-esteem and lower psychological well-being.
But there’s good news! Time spent in nature, particularly forests ?,  improves mental and physical health:
  • • Strengthening the immune system, lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension.
  • • Reducing excess weight through enhanced motivation to exercise in green space and lowering blood insulin levels in diabetic patients.
  • • Reducing stress hormones through positive effects on the amygdala, the part of the brain that processes stress, improving focus and reducing the symptoms of ADHD.


HOW to participate

1. Register as an individual or organization. Consider making a donation to help more kids participate in our outdoor education programs. 
2. Get outside. Get active. Reconnect to nature. Between June 1 and June 30, go for a walk in the forest, have a picnic at the farm, or simply get outside to play with your kids:
  • Black Creek Community Farm is open to the public every Saturday, 9 am to 12 pm from June 2nd to October 27th. Come hang out!
  • Download the Black Creek Community Farm Bingo card (PDF) for a fun scavenger hunt.
  • Come to our first Open Oven Day of the season: 12 to 7 pm the 2nd Saturday of every month beginning June 9th. Bring some dough or a dish to bake in our wood-fired oven.
  • Check out these TRCA parks and trails.
  • Visit one of these 7 trails in the GTA you can get to without a car.
3. Share, share, share!
    • Join our Thunderclap ⚡ to help us make a big social media impact on June 1. Add your own message and use the #BlackCreekBlackout hashtag to help the campaign grow! Message examples are below. 

  • Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and use the #BlackCreekBlackout hashtag to share the campaign! Download the #BlackCreekBlackout  poster (PDF) or logo to print or share online.
  • Here are some examples of messages you can share with your networks:

This June, I’m pledging to turn off my devices for a few hours to support kids’ outdoor education. #BlackCreekBlackout blackcreekfarm.ca/blackout

Join the #BlackCreekBlackout! Switch off. Get outside. Get active. Reconnect to nature. blackcreekfarm.ca/blackout

This June, support kids’ outdoor education at Black Creek Community Farm. Make a  #BlackCreekBlackout pledge. blackcreekfarm.ca/blackout

I made a donation to Black Creek Community Farm to help kids and their families counteract the negative effects of too much screen time. blackcreekfarm.ca/blackout

How your donation makes a difference

Consider making a donation to help more kids to participate in outdoor education programs at Black Creek Community Farm.
  • • $50 sends a kid to PA Day camp at the farm
  • • $100 buys healthy lunches for 15 campers
  • • $200 sends a kid to summer  “Farmer for a Week” camp
  • • $500 pays for a full day field trip for a local school
  • • $1000 pays for two classes to attend a full day field trip