Bernice Yanful, sitting in front of a garden

Bernice Yanful

Bernice Yanful is a PhD student in Public Health at the University of Toronto. Her work focuses on food security and school meal programs.

Ferdinand Martin, smiling at camera

Ferdinand Martin

As a resident of Black Creek Community I am deeply committed to promoting food security in the neighbourhood by advocating for programs to ensure residents have skills and support to collaborate effectively. My core belief is to work and empower our community using my background skills in business analysis and...

Sam Tecle, SC member of BCCF, sit in a directors chair holding a mic, smiling

Sam Tecle

Sam Tecle is Assistant Professor of Community Engaged Learning at New College, University of Toronto. His work focuses on Black and Diaspora Studies, Urban Studies, and Sociology of Education. His forthcoming work: Black Grammars: On Difference and Belonging focuses on the experiences and perspectives relating to blackness and Black identification of East African...

Gabriel, BCCF sterring committee member, leaning on a ledge

Gabriel Allahdua

Gabriel Allahdua, a former migrant farm worker And now an organizer with the collective, Justice for migrant workers. He joined the BCCF Steering committee because he wants a Canadian food system that is HEALTHY, SUSTAINABLE and JUST.

Photo of Joe, man smiling looking to the right

Joe G. Thomas

Joe G. Thomas is an Author, Farmer, and founder of Black Vegans of Toronto. He is a strong advocate of a plant-based lifestyle and food justice and sovereignty for Black and racialized people.

woman standing in front of a table with many vegetables on it for sale at the farm market

Cornelia Mazgarean

Cornelia Mazgarean was born in Romania, where she experienced the dictatorial regime of Ceausescu and lived through the revolution of 1989. After graduating law in Romania, she came to Canada for work, in search of a better life. In time, she obtained a law degree and a Master of Laws...

Butterfly Sabrina GoPaul, SC member at BCCF

Butterfly GoPaul

Butterfly is one of the Co-Chair’s of the Black Creek Community Farm Steering Committee. She’s a proud for lifer resident of the Jane-Finch community, mother of two sons, a journalist and is a community health worker for more than 10-years. She’s a resident member of Jane-Finch Action Against Poverty and Black Creek Food...