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At Black Creek Community Farm, we tailor your trip to your class. You can create your own field trip by mixing and matching programs from any of our categories or you can let us do the planning for you with your student’s interests & curriculum links in mind.


Little Farmers – This program is all about the senses, touch, taste, see, & hear all the amazing things at the farm. Explore the spiral garden while you smell the herbs growing, visit & feed the chickens & ducks. Take a walk through the forest listening to all the animals around us and looking at the tracks left behind on the ground.



Animals & Critters – All of these programs have a focus on animals & critters, their roles, and their importance to the earth, to humans & to each other.

Locally Grown – All of these programs have a tasting component & a food focus. Whether it be preparing a healthy & delicious snack or meal, or going on a tasting tour around the farm, students will learn about the importance of eating locally.

Plants & Soil – Learn all about plants & soil through these hands-on programs that will teach students what plants need to survive, the components of soil and get their hands dirty while digging in to the children’s garden.

Outdoor Survivalist – Learn what it takes to survive in the wilderness, track animals in the forest, learn how to make a fire & build a shelter, and identify wild edible weeds.


Farmer for a Day – Experience what it takes to be a farmer & learn about the importance of our urban farm. This program is a hands-on, experiential learning experience for students. Learning takes place while digging in and working alongside farm staff.


Field to Fork - in collaboration with Pioneer Village. Two great sites in one fun filled day! This program is available from May 1-November 30. Grades 2 – 8. $17 per student. Booking is done through the Pioneer Village Website by clicking here!



Field Trip Details:

Book your field trip for any of the following seasons:

Winter: Jan - March 

Spring: May - June (fully booked for 2018 season!) 

Fall: Sep - Oct (NOW BOOKING for Fall 2018!) 


Fees: Please note as of May 2018 HST will be included in all of our pricing
$10 per student for a half day trip- 9:30am-11:30pm or 12:30-2:30pm 

$15 per student for a full day trip - 9:30am-2:00pm 

1 adult for every 10 students is free, any extra is $5 each 

*Subsidies are available for local schools in need, please note you require a subsidy on your field trip request form when booking. Email farmkids@blackcreekfarm.ca for subsidized pricing info. and availability 

You can contact the Farm School Coordinator at 416.393.6381 or farmkids@blackcreekfarm.ca for more information!

Please note that in order to ensure the safety of our visitors and provide the best quality programs we must limit our capacity to 30 students per visit.

*Ask us about subsidies available for local schools in need!

WANT MORE DETAILS ON THE ABOVE CATEGORIES? Click here see detailed descriptions of the programs we offer!